Mahwish Hayat Medha Imtiaz item was Criticized on Social Media after Copying Katrina Kaif

The Named after the nominated nominee Mahwish Hayat Medha Imtiaz item was criticized on social media after copying Katrina Kaif. Recently, his new item number "Gangji Doll", which is popular for people, is being criticized for social media on copying Katrina Kaif in the song "Bajaji". Gana As soon as the release was released, people criticized Mahwish Hayat's hairstyle first and made it "Katrina Kaif's hairstyle" in the movie "Zero" song "Hassan flag".

Mahwish Hayat Katrina Kaif

Matched. Not only this, some of the pictures were shared by the people on social media and some pictures of Mahwish Hayat were shared, in which the episode of Mahwish Hayat appeared to be influenced by Katrina Kaif's dance. The grandfather Zaidi named 'gangster doll' Someone who wrote the song while writing a song is trying to become an actress Katrina Kaif in the song, but her attempt is not going to be successful. Aadnanan criticized the Pakistani filmmaker and said, "Do not know when we are out of Bollywood." If Pakistan wants to see all this then there are many options available besides Mahwish Hayat.

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