Alert! After the EID Chief Minister Punjab Confirm Left Seat of CM

Speaking in a private TV channel, Senior journalist and analyst Kraroon Rashid said, "My report is that there may be a change in Punjab after EID." But this is not 100 percent yet. Punjab is the largest province; there are a lot of industries in Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and Gujarat. The majority of agriculture and population are also here.
Left Seat of CM 2019
Punjab cannot be fine unless Punjab is given an impartial and dynamic CM. He said that Sardar Osman Bucharar will have to change and it is sad for him to make a plea. In the arguments, he is called Waseem Akram, but Bawler like Waseem Akram does not even look in the past two years. Someone else does not have the ability to propagate and propagate. Ability is learning, people who want to learn something choose their way in twenty and twenty years. Everybody needs to reach his skills. 

There is also an example of Arabic people that are specific to every work. Allah has given every person a capacity, if he identifies and prophesied, but most importantly, man should have his limits and his own problems.

People gave donations, Imran Khan's father and his friends got Rs 400 lakh:

Haroon Al-Rashid said that I began to start I said Imran Khan that I am aware of my limits. But I am seeing them politics I do not have the limitations of my limits, although making Shukat Khanam, he was in control of his limits. I was present with him when Shaukat Khanam bin But the work was not complete. The construction company ran away. There was no shade, a mountainous mountain, on which Imran Khan took the matter to Hafizullah, who found a contractor who built the building without profit. People gave donations, Imran Khan's father and his friends got Rs 400 lakh. Architects said I would not take any fees. 

He said that once I called on the house of Imran Khan and said that the money would be closed, the morning would be closed, but none of the people had given money to Allah, because Imran Khan had the knowledge of his limits.

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