Today News General Holiday was announced on Monday 2019

On Monday, the local holiday has been announced. According to this, the district administration says that May 27 in the city all Schools and offices will be closed. On the other hand, on the other hand, security forces have completed complete security arrangements on Hazrat Ali's occasion, the safety of the lives and property of the citizens will be ensured, in search of different places across the district. Operations are also being done.
General Holidays 2019
District police officer Kasur al-Libraformasani said that 21 security forces will be executed on security operations of all parties and the security forces of Bahrain-e-Islami, for security. During the period of 18 to 23 Ramadan throughout the district, there will be 8 judges and 11 jurisprudence programs, whose fel-proof security california will hold more than 600 police officers and officers and provide access to all resources available for the protection of citizens' lives. Will not be able to bear any kind of excellence G. DPOs or said that Islam gives the lesson of love, tolerance, unity, unity and unity, therefore we should be protected from the fate of spreading disputes and religious hypocrisy and follow the Islamic teachings. Make the country a homepage for all the intellectuals on the occasion of Ramadan.

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