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Want to do a quick video today talking about one way to make money online which is teaching English

How to Earn Money Online there's two websites well once an application and once a company but yeah two platforms you can use to make money teaching English online the first one the application is called nice talk and the great thing about nice talk is you don't need any experience interview any qualifications you just have to be an English speaker there are some you know qualifications like you gotta have good internet you got to have you know a way to have video conversation on your phone but yeah basically nice talk you don't really need any experience anything like that you can make I think the standard rate is 10 dollars an hour.

How to Earn Money Online:

it's not very you know it doesn't have to be very structured you can just just like having a conversation just people in China who want to speak with people who speak English and they want to practice their English so there's a really good article that he'll tell you how give me more information about it he's been actually using the application I haven't actually been using nice talk but I've spoken with lots of people who have used it and have had good experiences with it so check that video out down below I'll link that and then that'll you'll get all set up from from there so yeah I highly recommend that seems to be working well for a lot of people that I know and if you don't have any experience and you just want to maybe get into making a little bit of money online and you know maybe get some experience teaching ESL and things like that yeah check out nice talk the other platform that

How to Earn Money Online from Website:

Actually I am using for teaching English online is called VIP kid and if you're interested in applying for VIP kid I'll post also a link down below and if you could use that link they will throw me some money my way so if you apply through my link they'll give me some money for doing the recruitment I'm not making this video just to make money off of that obviously but yeah if you did fund through me and you want to use that link that'd be great but anyways VIP kid is it's basically their company out of China and it's more organized you need to have some more experience I think they need among the qualifications you have to be from Canada or the US you can't be from other parts of the world you have to have a university degree like a bachelor's degree I think it could be in any subject doesn't really matter but you also need to have some experience teaching ESL you mean I think they asked for at least two years of ESL experience so yeah VIP kid I would highly recommend them they do all the lesson planning playing going by they do all the lesson plans for you so you basically have like a Power Point presentation that you and the student can both see and go through and you can write on it and obviously you have the video chat going on I stood on your laptop or your computer or whatever use a headset yeah they've got some you know requirements that you that you'll need to fulfill to teach with VIP kit and it's a little bit yeah more demanding they demand more more from their from their teachers than nice talk which basically anybody can do if you speak English yeah and basically the the pay for VIP kit varies a lot depending on your experience it can be anywhere I think on the low end is like fourteen or fifteen dollars per hour it's US dollars and sometimes you know they'll have like a bunch of kids who sign up for trial lessons or you know during the holidays and they'll give bonuses and it can be as high as like I think if you really got up there you could be making like $40 an hour or maybe even more us at certain times that's not all the time but it's sometimes you can make that much money I think normally it's on the high end for you.

How to Earn Money know average classes it's more like 20 or you know 25 dollars an hour at us consistently but yeah like I said sometimes I throw in you know incentives for teachers to book more time slots but you are able to do your own scheduling but they do all the all the marketing and promotion and student recruitment and stuff like that so you basically have to just log in you got to know the lesson content ahead of time but you don't need to plan it they do the planning you just got a you know preview it and yeah prepare for the class a little bit and stuff like that so um yeah VIP kid I would definitely recommend that I am using them have been using them for I completed my first six month contract and now I'm just into my second contract been doing that for just about seven months now and I'm absolutely loving it great company to work with and yeah so if you're interested in applying for VIP kid please use the link below if you have any more questions you can post in the comments or you can send me a message and yeah I'll help you out and if you have any other websites for teaching English or any other platforms for teaching English online post those as well in the comments I'd be interested to see what other people are using and yeah that's just about it so nice talk if you don't have very much How to Earn Money From Website google adsense.

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