Imran Khan (PTI) Sending me inappropriate text messages Ex Pakistan’s Tahreek e Insaf member Ayesha Gulalai

Former member of Pakistan’s National Assembly Ayesha Gulalai on Tuesday alleged that the Chairman of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan had sent her inappropriate text messages. 

Gulalai announced earlier in the day that she is leaving PTI on the grounds that the honour of women is not safe within the party. “We are respectful pashtoons, our dignities aren’t safe in PTI,” she tweeted on Tuesday. “Imran Khan cannot keep himself under control,” she later claimed in a press conference.
“I received the first message in October 2013, you can check Imran’s Blackberry,” she said, adding that the PTI chairman urges other women to use Blackberry cellphones so messages cannot be traced.” Gulalai alleged that all the messages are there on Khan’s Blackberry and a record of the same can also be retrieved from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. She also challenged Imran Khan to make their blackberry conversation public.
“The messages contained words that cannot be tolerated by any respectful individual,” she added.
Gulalai alleged that many other women in the party have also been facing similar situations. She said she felt very safe when she was a member of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) as the party respected its women members. “The honour of our mothers and sisters is not safe in Imran Khan’s hands,” she tweeted.
Gulalai alleged that Khan had used appalling words for the late Benazir Bhutto in a party meeting. She went on to say that he suffers from psychological issues and does not like talented people.

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