Simple 8 Homemade Facial Masks for Teenagers at Ashi Beauty Corner, Parlor in Pakpattan

Simple 8 Homemade Facial Masks for Teenagers at Ashi Beauty Corner, Parlor in PakpattanWhy we pay for face masks at stores or saloons when we can make our own by using some basic ingredients around the house. Homemade recipes contain all kinds of natural and harmless ingredients. They are easy to make and leave our skin looking and feeling wonderful. Try these homemade facial masks especially for teenagers as they suffer more from skin problems.
1) Banana Face Mask for Oily Skin

Mash up 1 banana, preferably ripe and then mix it in 2 tbsp honey. You can also blend the ingredients. Now, add few drops of an orange or a lemon juice. Apply on face for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. This is a very soothing face mask and I recommend super-ripe freezing bananas.
2) Egg White Mask for All Skin Types

It is one of the best moisturizing masks and has only 2 natural ingredients. You need 2 egg whites in a bowl and add 2 tbsp. of plain yogurt (not flavored) in it. Apply on face for few minutes after mixing them and then rinse with warm water.
3) Mask for Sunburn Skin

This mask is great for sunburn or irritated skin. Mix ½ cup oatmeal in an egg white and 1 cup of natural yogurt. For oily skin, add few drops of lemon juice and for dry skin add some honey.  Apply on face and let it dry. Wash off with warm water.
4) Baking Soda Mask for Acne Skin

Make a thick mixture of baking soda and water, apply all over your face and rinse with cold water after leaving it for at least 20 minutes. The regular application of this mask will help you get rid of acne.
5) Mask for Blackheads

Blackheads also fall in the category of acne vulgaris and are very common in teenagers. It is the most common, effective and simple face mask for blackheads. Add few drops of lemon juice in 1 tbsp. sugar, mix it and apply on your face. Massage gently and let it dry. Rinse with water.
6) Mask for Whiteheads

Make a mixture of gram flour, honey and orange peel, let it dry for 15 minutes and then rinse with water. Gram flour is a natural scrub, honey acts as shield and orange peel is an anti-bacterial ingredient. This powerful combination prevents whiteheads.
7) Mask for Glowing Skin

Make the paste with 3 tbsp milk, 1 tbsp lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric. Apply on face, allow it to dry and wash with cold water. This is a very effective home remedy for instant glowing and fair skin.
8) Mask for Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone makes our skin look unattractive and patchy. Cut 1 small tomato, remove seeds and blend it with ½ cup yogurt. Stir it in the lemon juice and oatmeal. Wash face with warm water and then gently massage this mixture on face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.

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