Clash of Clans Update News Sneak Peek Reveals New Minion, Five More Defensive Structures, Spell Donation Strategy

The latest sneak peek  for the major upcoming  Clash of Clans update has been released and the news is exciting. This Clash of Clans update, which is rumored to be released in roughly a week’s time, has already changed Clash of Clan strategy  for the better, and this Clash of Clan sneak peek continues this trend.
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This Clash of Clans sneak peek showcased new the level 12 gold and elixir storage, five new defensive structures and a new minion.
Additionally, it turns out that Clash of Clan players will now able be able to donate spells into a Clanmate’s clan castle. This will be unlocked at Clan Castle level 4 and Town Hall level 8. Clanmates will be able to donate up to 1 slot, so 1 dark elixir spell for example, but there’s a brand new donation menu that will show many spots are available for troops, how spots have already been donated for spells, and best yet, the ability to see specifically what the other player is requesting. This should hopefully take some of the guesswork out of helping clanmates out.
This Clash of Clans update will also include a new level 12 gold and elixir storage structures. Their capacity has been bumped up to an impressive 10 million each, and the graphics have been redone, with padlocks being replaced by a giant lock.
Also included in this next Clash of Clans update are sound notifications when you find an opponent while looking through the clouds, and also when matchmaking strikes out and the retry button appears. The actual specific sounds have not been released yet, but it will be nice to have some audio feedback when matchmaking is searching and you may not be paying attention to your phone.
The Laboratory has had its level cap increased to level 9, meaning there’s a new hero upgrade in the mix, and the wizard tower has also been upgraded to level 9. With the new Town Hall level 11, there will be a total of five more defense structures available: An additional Cannon, an Archer Tower, a Wizard Tower and a fourth X-Bow. That means the total for these structures are now eight Archer Towers, seven Cannons, five Wizard Towers and four X-Bows.
Clash of Clans players with a Town Hall level 9 will now be able to use the freeze spell, which should make it easier for Clash of Clans players with a Town Hall level 9 to attack players with a Town Hall level 10 and its burning inferno towers.
The level 7 minions, their new max, look great with orange wings matching the new walls that come with the Town Hall level 11. Their stats have not been revealed yet, but it’s possible to see them in action in the videos below.
Also included in this next Clash of Clans update is the reduction of the boost. Instead of paying ten gems for a two hour boost of 4x healing rate for a hero or 4x training speed, Supercell is cutting that in half to five gems for a 1 hour boost.
Stay tuned for more Clash of Clans sneak peeks set to be released in the next week. ThisClash of Clans update, announced almost a month ago during the first ever ClashCon, is slated for release around Dec. 7. Sneak peeks still to come include a rumored E.A.G.L.E. defensive building and an as of yet undisclosed hero.

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